Our Mission

To provide college prep services to underserved students and communities in Colorado

A Test for a Test is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing college prep services to underserved students and communities in Colorado. The path to attaining a college degree has never been a level playing field; empirical studies show that income, race, and other socio-economic factors influence college admissions and graduation rates to an undue degree.

A Test for a Test was formed to provide college prep support to underrepresented and under-resourced students to help them achieve their college dreams. We are a group of college prep professionals and are eager to share our experience with all interested students and communities. In our first iteration, we are seeking to provide free SAT / ACT preparation for students who need it, and host informational seminars for schools and communities who could benefit from more information about the college process.

Why Test Prep?

College entrance examinations like the SAT and ACT have long been an integral part of the college admissions process in the United States. And, although the future of these tests has been thrown into uncertainty by the recent momentum of the test-optional admissions movement, solid test scores still provide a tangible benefit to many college-bound students. Some data shows that students who submit SAT and ACT scores have a 10% better chance of being admitted to college than students who do not submit scores, even at test-optional schools. In addition, many schools still require or consider test scores for merit-based financial aid scholarships, course placement, and acceptance into specific programs (honors programs, etc.) or majors.

There is plentiful evidence that SAT and ACT scores are affected by students’ race / ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic status. On average, African American students score almost 200 points lower than their white counterparts on the SAT and nearly 300 points lower than Asian students1 . About half of students who earn perfect scores on the ACT come from families whose household income exceed $150,000 per year; conversely, half of students with the lowest possible ACT score are from families living below the federal poverty line2. And, as SAT and ACT scores are one of the gateways to college in the US, disparate test scores results is marked differences in college enrollment among affected groups. Black high school graduates enroll in college at a 11% lower rate than white students, and at a rate almost 30% lower than Asian students.

Contrary to widespread myths, the SAT and ACT are not intelligence tests or measures of students’ innate ability. They are tests that assess a set of learnable and coachable skills and students can systematically improve their scores by preparing in the right way. And, when students’ scores increase, access to college improves accordingly. The challenge is that good test prep is expensive and is generally only available to economically and socially advantaged students.

Colorado Free Application Days

From October 17 – October 19, 2023, all students in Colorado have the opportunity to apply to 50+ public and private colleges in Colorado for free. Students who apply on October 13 will not be charged an application fees.

This is a great opportunity to apply to college in Colorado for free!

Learn more about Free Application Day here.

SAT Dates and Registration Info

Test Info

The SAT is offered seven times every year and there are national test dates in March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. 

SAT Fee Waivers

Fee Waiver Info

Many students qualify to receive a fee waiver and take the SAT for free. Follow this link to see if you qualify and register for your fee waiver.

Free Online SAT Prep

Khan Academy SAT

Khan Academy is the official test prep partner of the College Board and has a full SAT prep system available for free online. Students can connect PSAT scores to Khan to build a customized study plan.

Free, Official SAT Practice Tests

Free Practice Tests

Real SAT’s from recent years are the best way to become familiar with the test and practice your skills.

ACT Registration Info

Registration Info

The ACT is offered six times every year and there are national test dates in February, April, June, July, September, October, and December.

ACT Fee Waivers

ACT Fee Waivers Page

Many students qualify to receive a fee waiver and take the ACT for free. Follow this link to see if you qualify and register for your fee waiver.

Free Online ACT Prep


Watch videos and sharpen your ACT skills online for free.

Download Free ACT Practice Test

Free Practice Test

Real ACT’s from recent years are the best way to become familiar with the test and practice your skills.

Test-Optional Schools


The test-optional movement has gained a lot of momentum recently and students are not required to submit SAT and ACT scores to over half of the colleges and universities in the US. 

Studies have shown that many colleges see an increase in student diversity after adopting test optional policies. Test-optional can also be a great choice for students whose test scores do not represent their talents as well as other aspects of their academic profile (GPA, extracurricular achievements, college essays, etc.). 

However, be cautious when considering whether to go test-optional or not. Even at test-optional schools, students who submit scores have a better chance of being admitted than students who don’t. Also, almost all colleges still require test scores to qualify for merit-based scholarships.


The Common Application is one, centralized college application that is accepted by hundreds of colleges in the country. 

Coalition for College: https://www.coalitionforcollegeaccess.org

Similar to the Common Application, the Coalition is a way to apply to many schools at the same time with just one application. Have a look to see which schools accept the Coalition App. 

FAFSA Financial Aid Application: https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

This is the place to start when applying for financial aid for college.

All of the sites below allow you to look up and learn about colleges. Find out what programs are available, who makes up the student body, what average SAT / ACT scores are, etc.

College Data   www.collegedata.org 

College Board Big Future  https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/

College Navigator  https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/

Cappex   www.cappex.com

Cappex also includes information about many scholarships available at schools around the country. 

Determining College Costs https://collegecost.ed.gov/net-price

Use this tool to estimate your tuition fees at colleges you’re interested in.

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Are you a Colorado high school student who could benefit from free SAT / ACT prep? Or, do you know someone who could? 

Did you earn great scores on the SAT or ACT? Would you be excited to help an under-resourced student do the same?

Do you work at a school that could benefit from an informational seminar about the college process?